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League transaction log -- Union League
Regular season

2/9/2005DTUCobbTraded awayCCL After
2/9/2005DTURuthAcquired via tradeCCL After
2/9/2005KCUBrouthersTraded awayCCL After
2/9/2005KCUJethroeAcquired via tradeCCL After
2/9/2005KCUJones,ReAcquired via tradeCCL After
2/9/2005KCULyons,JTraded awayCCL After
2/9/2005NYUSmith.LeTraded awayBJL After
2/9/2005NYUThigpenAcquired via tradeBJL After
2/9/2005NYUVeresAcquired via tradeBJL After
2/9/2005RCUBrown,RTraded awayWSU After
2/9/2005RCUKellAcquired via tradeWSU After
2/9/2005RCULynnAcquired via tradeWNU After
2/9/2005RCUMageeTraded awayWNU After
2/9/2005RCUMyersTraded awayWSU After
2/9/2005RCUPattinAcquired via tradeWNU After
2/9/2005RCUTiant JrAcquired via tradeWSU After
2/9/2005RCUWynn,ETraded awayWNU After
2/9/2005SFUBailey,EAcquired via tradeSLU After
2/9/2005SFUDanningTraded awaySLU After
2/9/2005SFUGalarragaAcquired via tradeSLU After
2/9/2005SFUKnoblauchAcquired via tradeSLU After
2/9/2005SFUMadlockTraded awaySLU After
2/9/2005SFUMesa,JTraded awaySLU After
2/9/2005SLUBailey,ETraded awaySFU After
2/9/2005SLUDanningAcquired via tradeSFU After
2/9/2005SLUGalarragaTraded awaySFU After
2/9/2005SLUKnoblauchTraded awaySFU After
2/9/2005SLUMadlockAcquired via tradeSFU After
2/9/2005SLUMesa,JAcquired via tradeSFU After
2/9/2005WNUDukesTraded awayCCL After
2/9/2005WNUFoster,RTraded awayCCL After
2/9/2005WNULucasAcquired via tradeCCL After
2/9/2005WNULynnTraded awayRCU After
2/9/2005WNUMageeAcquired via tradeRCU After
2/9/2005WNUMiller,EAcquired via tradeCCL After
2/9/2005WNUPattinTraded awayRCU After
2/9/2005WNURoweAcquired via tradeCCL After
2/9/2005WNUWynn,EAcquired via tradeRCU After
2/9/2005WSUBrown,RAcquired via tradeRCU After
2/9/2005WSUKellTraded awayRCU After
2/9/2005WSUMyersAcquired via tradeRCU After
2/9/2005WSUTiant JrTraded awayRCU After
4/8/2005CSUChapman,BTraded awayCCL After
4/8/2005CSUDukesAcquired via tradeCCL After
4/8/2005CSUKleinAcquired via tradeCCL After
4/8/2005CSUParnellTraded awayCCL After
4/8/2005CSUSewell,JTraded awayCCL After
4/8/2005CSUTravisAcquired via tradeCCL After
4/8/2005DTUClark,WiAcquired via tradeBJL After
4/8/2005DTUClemensTraded awayBJL After
4/8/2005DTUHornerTraded awayBJL After
4/8/2005DTUMorrisTraded awayBJL After
4/8/2005DTURyanAcquired via tradeBJL After
4/8/2005DTUSmith.LeAcquired via tradeBJL After
4/8/2005KCUBiggioPromoted to active roster  Before
4/8/2005KCUCepeda,ODemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/8/2005NYUGrimesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/8/2005NYUKaatPromoted to active roster  Before
4/8/2005NYUMullinDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/8/2005NYUOtisDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/8/2005NYUPennockPromoted to active roster  Before
4/8/2005NYUReynolds,ADemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/8/2005NYUThigpenPromoted to active roster  Before
4/8/2005NYUVander MeerPromoted to active roster  Before
4/8/2005RCUKellPromoted to active roster  Before
4/8/2005RCUPizarroDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/8/2005SFUBailey,EPromoted to active roster  Before
4/8/2005SFUPetwayDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/8/2005WNUCash,NAcquired via tradeSLL After
4/8/2005WNUDeanAcquired via tradeSLL After
4/8/2005WNUGehrigTraded awaySLL After
4/8/2005WNUGehringerAcquired via tradeSLL After
4/8/2005WNUHodgesAcquired via tradeSLL After
4/8/2005WNUSantoAcquired via tradeSLL After
4/8/2005WNUStone,EAcquired via tradeSLL After
4/8/2005WSUSandbergAcquired via tradeSLL After
4/8/2005WSUSantoTraded awaySLL After
4/9/2005BWUFujimotoActivated from disabled list  Before
4/9/2005BWUSugiuraDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/9/2005CSUDukesPromoted to active roster  Before
4/9/2005CSUKaku,GPromoted to active roster  Before
4/9/2005CSUKleinPromoted to active roster  Before
4/9/2005CSULaMarqueDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/9/2005CSULaMarquePromoted to active roster  Before
4/9/2005CSUManushDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/9/2005CSUMossiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/9/2005CSUMossiPromoted to active roster  Before
4/9/2005CSUParkerSigned  Before
4/9/2005CSUYoshinagaReleased  Before
4/9/2005DTUBenderDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/9/2005DTUGuraSigned  Before
4/9/2005DTULaryDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/9/2005DTUZettleinReleased  Before
4/9/2005KCUHadleyReleased  Before
4/9/2005KCUKobayashiSigned  Before
4/9/2005KCUKobayashiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/9/2005NYUCombsSigned  Before
4/9/2005NYUThigpenReleased  Before
4/9/2005SLUCardenalReleased  Before
4/9/2005SLUMcCarverSigned  Before
4/9/2005TGUYonedaPromoted to active roster  Before
4/9/2005WNUGehringerPromoted to active roster  Before
4/9/2005WNUHennemanDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/9/2005WNUHennemanPromoted to active roster  Before
4/9/2005WNUHodgesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/9/2005WNUHodgesPromoted to active roster  Before
4/9/2005WNUHodgesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/9/2005WNUHodgesPromoted to active roster  Before
4/9/2005WNUHollocherReleased  Before
4/9/2005WNUKadotaReleased  Before
4/9/2005WNUKaku,TReleased  Before
4/9/2005WNUMiller,EReleased  Before
4/9/2005WNURose,BDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/9/2005WNURose,BPromoted to active roster  Before
4/9/2005WNURose,BDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/9/2005WNURoweDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/9/2005WNURowePromoted to active roster  Before
4/9/2005WNURoweDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/9/2005WNUSmith,RedDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/9/2005WNUWaltersReleased  Before
4/9/2005WNUWynn,EDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/9/2005WSUSandbergPromoted to active roster  Before
4/12/2005CSUBenchAcquired via tradeRSL After
4/12/2005CSUHahnAcquired via tradeRSL After
4/12/2005CSUJossTraded awayRSL After
4/12/2005CSUMackeyTraded awayRSL After
4/12/2005NYUGrimesPromoted to active roster  Before
4/12/2005NYUOtisPromoted to active roster  Before
4/12/2005NYUPennockDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/12/2005NYUPinsonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/12/2005SLUEversDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/12/2005SLULanierPromoted to active roster  Before
4/12/2005SLULockerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/12/2005SLUMadlockPromoted to active roster  Before
4/12/2005SLUMesa,JPromoted to active roster  Before
4/12/2005SLUSimmons,TDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/12/2005SLUCartyTraded awayWNU After
4/12/2005SLUClarkeAcquired via tradeWNU After
4/12/2005SLULockerTraded awayWNU After
4/12/2005SLURaffensbergerAcquired via tradeWNU After
4/12/2005WNUCartyAcquired via tradeSLU After
4/12/2005WNUClarkeTraded awaySLU After
4/12/2005WNULockerAcquired via tradeSLU After
4/12/2005WNURaffensbergerTraded awaySLU After
4/12/2005WSUVargasPromoted to active roster  Before
4/12/2005WSUWeaverDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/13/2005DTUClark,WiPromoted to active roster  Before
4/13/2005DTUGuraPromoted to active roster  Before
4/13/2005DTUWorrellDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/13/2005DTUYountDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/13/2005RCUBankheadReleased  Before
4/13/2005RCUBankheadSigned  Before
4/13/2005RCUBankheadDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/13/2005RCUPattinDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/13/2005RCUTiant JrActivated from disabled list  Before
4/13/2005SLUClarkeDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/13/2005WNUCartyPromoted to active roster  Before
4/13/2005WNUJones,TDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/13/2005WNULockerPromoted to active roster  Before
4/14/2005SLUClarkePromoted to active roster  Before
4/14/2005SLUMesa,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/14/2005SLUPerry,GActivated from disabled list  Before
4/14/2005SLUStaubDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/14/2005TGUKanedaPlaced on disabled list 4/14/2005Before
4/14/2005TGUNakaoPromoted to active roster  Before
4/16/2005CSUHernandez,RAcquired via tradeDTU After
4/16/2005CSUKelly,KTraded awayDTU After
4/16/2005CSUTaylor,BAcquired via tradeCCL After
4/16/2005CSUWickmanTraded awayCCL After
4/16/2005CSUWillsAcquired via tradeDTU After
4/16/2005DTUHernandez,RTraded awayCSU After
4/16/2005DTUKelly,KAcquired via tradeCSU After
4/16/2005DTUWillsTraded awayCSU After
4/16/2005SLUFaceAcquired via tradeCCL After
4/16/2005SLUGlasscockTraded awayCCL After
4/16/2005SLUHafeyAcquired via tradeCCL After
4/16/2005SLULanierTraded awayCCL After
4/16/2005WNUAdachiTraded awaySLL After
4/16/2005WNUBergerAcquired via tradeSLL After
4/16/2005WNUDeanTraded awaySLL After
4/16/2005WNUWhitneyAcquired via tradeSLL After
4/17/2005CSUBeaumontSigned  Before
4/17/2005CSUBeaumontDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/17/2005CSUJones,SaReleased  Before
4/17/2005CSUVan HaltrenReleased  Before
4/17/2005CSUWillsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/17/2005DTUNewcombeDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/17/2005DTUThigpenSigned  Before
4/17/2005DTUWorrellPromoted to active roster  Before
4/17/2005NEUHensleyPromoted to active roster  Before
4/17/2005NEUPaige, SPlaced on disabled list 4/15/2005Before
4/17/2005NEUSanadaPlaced on disabled list 4/16/2005Before
4/17/2005NEUStovey,GPromoted to active roster  Before
4/17/2005SLUHubbellActivated from disabled list  Before
4/17/2005WNUCartyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/17/2005WNURhodesSigned  Before
4/17/2005WNURhodesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/17/2005WNURhodesPromoted to active roster  Before
4/17/2005WNUWilliams,MaReleased  Before
4/20/2005CSUAbernathyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/20/2005CSULopez,JSigned  Before
4/20/2005CSULopez,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/20/2005CSUMcInnisReleased  Before
4/20/2005CSUWillsPromoted to active roster  Before
4/20/2005RCUCicottePlaced on disabled list 4/14/2005Before
4/20/2005RCUMarberryPromoted to active roster  Before
4/20/2005SLUKluszewskiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/20/2005SLUMcCarverDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/20/2005SLURaffensbergerPromoted to active roster  Before
4/20/2005SLURommelSigned  Before
4/20/2005SLUShockerPlaced on disabled list 4/15/2005Before
4/20/2005SLUSimmons,TPromoted to active roster  Before
4/20/2005SLUStaubReleased  Before
4/20/2005SLUStaubPromoted to active roster  Before
4/21/2005CSUAbernathyPromoted to active roster  Before
4/21/2005CSUHinesSigned  Before
4/21/2005CSUIrvinDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/21/2005CSUKuennReleased  Before
4/21/2005CSURectorPlaced on disabled list 4/18/2005Before
4/21/2005SFUAdcockDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/21/2005SFUAlou,MoPromoted to active roster  Before
4/21/2005SFUGalarragaPromoted to active roster  Before
4/21/2005SFULuqueDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/21/2005SFUMedwickDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/21/2005SFUShawkeyPromoted to active roster  Before
4/21/2005SLUBartellSigned  Before
4/21/2005SLUStephens,VReleased  Before
4/21/2005WNUDoyleDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/21/2005WNURose,BPromoted to active roster  Before
4/23/2005NYUGrimesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/23/2005NYUMazeroskiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/23/2005NYUPalmeiroPromoted to active roster  Before
4/23/2005NYUPennockPromoted to active roster  Before
4/24/2005RCUBankheadPromoted to active roster  Before
4/24/2005RCUElliottDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/24/2005RCUHerman,BiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/24/2005RCUHerman,BiPromoted to active roster  Before
4/24/2005RCUGlavineTraded awayBOL After
4/24/2005RCUGroveAcquired via tradeBOL After
4/24/2005RCUHoward,FAcquired via tradeBOL After
4/24/2005RCUMarichalTraded awayBOL After
4/24/2005SLUBarnes,JActivated from disabled list  Before
4/24/2005SLUBartellPromoted to active roster  Before
4/24/2005SLUGriffithDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/24/2005SLUMcMichaelDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/24/2005SLUMesa,JPromoted to active roster  Before
4/24/2005SLUOlsonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/25/2005RCUBankheadDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/25/2005RCUHoward,FPromoted to active roster  Before
4/25/2005RCUTudorPromoted to active roster  Before
4/25/2005WNUDrake, PSigned  Before
4/25/2005WNUSmith,RedReleased  Before
4/25/2005WSUBrown,RPromoted to active roster  Before
4/25/2005WSUNiekro,PPlaced on disabled list 4/17/2005Before
4/25/2005WSUPena,APromoted to active roster  Before
4/25/2005WSURoeDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/27/2005NEUSanadaActivated from disabled list  Before
4/27/2005RCUHolmesPromoted to active roster  Before
4/27/2005RCUHoward,FDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/27/2005RCUMays,CDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/27/2005RCUPattinPromoted to active roster  Before
4/27/2005RCUVeachPromoted to active roster  Before
4/27/2005RCUYork,RDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/27/2005SLUBarnes,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/27/2005SLUGriffithPromoted to active roster  Before
4/27/2005SLUMcMichaelPromoted to active roster  Before
4/27/2005SLUPerry,GDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/27/2005TGUTamiyaPromoted to active roster  Before
4/27/2005TGUWakabayashiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/28/2005SLUEversTraded awayCCL After
4/28/2005SLUKuennAcquired via tradeCCL After
4/29/2005CSUAbernathyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/29/2005CSUIrvinPromoted to active roster  Before
4/29/2005CSUMossiPromoted to active roster  Before
4/29/2005CSUWillsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/29/2005RCUCicotteActivated from disabled list  Before
4/29/2005RCUHolmesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/29/2005RCUHoward,FPromoted to active roster  Before
4/29/2005RCUMarberryDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/29/2005RCUMays,CPromoted to active roster  Before
4/29/2005RCUTudorDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/29/2005RCUVeachDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/29/2005RCUYork,RPromoted to active roster  Before
4/29/2005SFUAllen,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/29/2005SFUAllen,JPromoted to active roster  Before
4/29/2005SFUAllen,JPromoted to active roster  Before
4/29/2005SFUGarcia,CDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/29/2005SFUGrohDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/29/2005SFUManning,MPromoted to active roster  Before
4/29/2005SLUBell,BPromoted to active roster  Before
4/29/2005SLUBoyer,KDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/29/2005SLUHafeyReleased  Before
4/29/2005SLUKuennPromoted to active roster  Before
4/29/2005SLUMadlockDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/29/2005SLUMcMichaelDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/29/2005SLUMesa,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/29/2005SLUOlsonPromoted to active roster  Before
4/29/2005SLURunnelsSigned  Before
4/29/2005SLURunnelsPromoted to active roster  Before
4/29/2005TGUKanedaActivated from disabled list  Before
4/29/2005TGUKoyamaPlaced on disabled list 4/28/2005Before
4/29/2005TGUTamiyaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/29/2005TGUWakabayashiPromoted to active roster  Before
4/29/2005WNUDrake, PPromoted to active roster  Before
4/29/2005WNULockerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/29/2005WNULockerPromoted to active roster  Before
4/29/2005WNUMiller,SDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/30/2005RCUBankheadPromoted to active roster  Before
4/30/2005RCUHerman,BiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/30/2005TGUNakajimaPromoted to active roster  Before
4/30/2005TGUSuzuki,KDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/30/2005TGUTamiyaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/30/2005TGUTamiyaPromoted to active roster  Before
5/2/2005CSUHerman,BiAcquired via tradeRCU After
5/2/2005CSUManushTraded awayRCU After
5/2/2005CSURichardson,HTraded awayRCU After
5/2/2005CSURussell,JAcquired via tradeRCU After
5/2/2005CSUSniderAcquired via tradeRCU After
5/2/2005CSUWood,JTraded awayRCU After
5/2/2005RCUHerman,BiTraded awayCSU After
5/2/2005RCUManushAcquired via tradeCSU After
5/2/2005RCURichardson,HAcquired via tradeCSU After
5/2/2005RCURussell,JTraded awayCSU After
5/2/2005RCUSniderTraded awayCSU After
5/2/2005RCUWood,JAcquired via tradeCSU After
5/3/2005CSUAbernathyPromoted to active roster  Before
5/3/2005CSUBottomleySigned  Before
5/3/2005CSUBottomleyPromoted to active roster  Before
5/3/2005CSUIrvinDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/3/2005CSUMossiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/3/2005CSUParkerReleased  Before
5/3/2005CSURectorActivated from disabled list  Before
5/3/2005CSUTroskyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/3/2005NEUMcDuffieDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/3/2005NEUPaige, SActivated from disabled list  Before
5/3/2005RCUBankheadDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/3/2005RCUElliottPromoted to active roster  Before
5/3/2005RCUHolmesPromoted to active roster  Before
5/3/2005RCUHoward,FDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/3/2005RCUMarberryPromoted to active roster  Before
5/3/2005RCUPizarroPromoted to active roster  Before
5/3/2005RCUTiant JrDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/3/2005RCUWood,JPlaced on disabled list 4/30/2005Before
5/3/2005SLUAlou,FPromoted to active roster  Before
5/3/2005SLUBartellDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/3/2005SLUBoyer,KPromoted to active roster  Before
5/3/2005SLUHoltzmanDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/3/2005SLUMesa,JPromoted to active roster  Before
5/3/2005SLUOlsonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/3/2005SLUPerry,GPromoted to active roster  Before
5/3/2005SLUShockerActivated from disabled list  Before
5/3/2005SLUTannehillDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/6/2005CSUBunningAcquired via tradeCCL After
5/6/2005CSUJenkins,FaAcquired via tradeCCL After
5/6/2005CSULaMarqueTraded awayCCL After
5/6/2005CSUTaylor,BTraded awayCCL After
5/6/2005RCUBankheadTraded awayCCL After
5/6/2005RCUCooper,WaAcquired via tradeCCL After
5/7/2005CSUAbernathyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/7/2005CSUBeaumontReleased  Before
5/7/2005CSUBunningPromoted to active roster  Before
5/7/2005CSUHinesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/7/2005CSUHinesPromoted to active roster  Before
5/7/2005CSUJenkins,FaPromoted to active roster  Before
5/7/2005CSULyons,JSigned  Before
5/7/2005CSUReulbachDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/7/2005CSUWillsPromoted to active roster  Before
5/7/2005RCUBurdetteReleased  Before
5/7/2005RCUCooper,WaPromoted to active roster  Before
5/7/2005RCUGoodmanDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/7/2005RCUMorrillSigned  Before
5/7/2005RCUYork,RDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/7/2005SFUFranco,JuDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/7/2005SFUWhitakerPromoted to active roster  Before
5/10/2005CSUAverillTraded away45L After
5/10/2005CSUFoster,GAcquired via trade45L After
5/10/2005CSUFujimuraAcquired via tradeTGU After
5/10/2005CSUKaku,GTraded awayTGU After
5/10/2005CSURootAcquired via trade45L After
5/10/2005CSUTravisTraded away45L After
5/10/2005SLUBell,BDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/10/2005SLUHoltzmanPromoted to active roster  Before
5/10/2005SLUShockerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/10/2005TGUFujimuraTraded awayCSU After
5/10/2005TGUKaku,GAcquired via tradeCSU After
5/11/2005CSUAguirreDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/11/2005CSUCravathDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/11/2005CSUCravathPromoted to active roster  Before
5/11/2005CSUDorganSigned  Before
5/11/2005CSUDorganDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/11/2005CSULyons,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/11/2005CSULyons,JPromoted to active roster  Before
5/11/2005CSUReulbachDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/11/2005CSUReulbachPromoted to active roster  Before
5/11/2005CSUReulbachPromoted to active roster  Before
5/11/2005CSURootPromoted to active roster  Before
5/11/2005CSURussell,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/11/2005CSURussell,JPromoted to active roster  Before
5/11/2005CSUTroskyReleased  Before
5/11/2005WNUMiller,SPromoted to active roster  Before
5/11/2005WNURose,BDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/11/2005WNUWhitneyPlaced on disabled list 5/9/2005Before
5/11/2005WNUWynn,EPromoted to active roster  Before
5/12/2005RCURice,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/12/2005RCURice,JPromoted to active roster  Before
5/12/2005RCUVeachDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/12/2005RCUVeachPromoted to active roster  Before
5/12/2005TGUKatoriDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/12/2005TGUSuzuki,KPromoted to active roster  Before
5/14/2005SLUAshburnDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/14/2005SLUFaceDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/14/2005SLUKuennDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/14/2005SLUMadlockPromoted to active roster  Before
5/14/2005SLUMcMichaelPromoted to active roster  Before
5/14/2005SLUPerry,GDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/14/2005SLUShockerPromoted to active roster  Before
5/14/2005SLUTannehillPromoted to active roster  Before
5/15/2005CSUKiyoharaSigned  Before
5/15/2005CSULyons,JReleased  Before
5/15/2005CSUNakamuraReleased  Before
5/15/2005CSUNakamuraSigned  Before
5/15/2005DTUBenderPromoted to active roster  Before
5/15/2005DTUCarltonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/15/2005DTUGoodenDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/15/2005DTULaryPromoted to active roster  Before
5/15/2005DTUMcDowell,SDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/15/2005DTUMinagawaPromoted to active roster  Before
5/15/2005DTUNewcombePromoted to active roster  Before
5/15/2005DTUSmith.LeDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/15/2005DTUThigpenDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/15/2005DTUTroutPromoted to active roster  Before
5/15/2005KCUMartinez,PActivated from disabled list  Before
5/15/2005KCUWiltseDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/15/2005SFUAlou,MoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/15/2005SFUGarcia,CPromoted to active roster  Before
5/15/2005SFUManning,MPlaced on disabled list 5/11/2005Before
5/15/2005SFUMedwickPromoted to active roster  Before
5/15/2005TGUKoyamaActivated from disabled list  Before
5/15/2005TGUYonedaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/15/2005WNUBergerPromoted to active roster  Before
5/15/2005WNURhodesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/15/2005WSUDonlinDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/15/2005WSUNiekro,PActivated from disabled list  Before
5/17/2005NEUCrawford, SPlaced on disabled list 5/9/2005Before
5/17/2005NEUWalker,BigPromoted to active roster  Before
5/17/2005RCUDuffyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/17/2005RCUHoward,FPromoted to active roster  Before
5/17/2005RCUMarberryDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/17/2005RCUMorrillDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/17/2005RCUWood,JActivated from disabled list  Before
5/17/2005RCUYork,RPromoted to active roster  Before
5/18/2005RCUPattinDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/18/2005RCUTiant JrPromoted to active roster  Before
5/18/2005SLUAshburnPromoted to active roster  Before
5/18/2005SLUBartellPromoted to active roster  Before
5/18/2005SLUGoslinDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/18/2005SLUKluszewskiPromoted to active roster  Before
5/18/2005SLUKuennPromoted to active roster  Before
5/18/2005SLUMadlockDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/18/2005SLUMcCarverPromoted to active roster  Before
5/18/2005SLUMcMichaelDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/18/2005SLUOlsonPromoted to active roster  Before
5/18/2005SLUPerry,GPromoted to active roster  Before
5/18/2005SLURunnelsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/18/2005SLUShockerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/18/2005SLUSimmons,TDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/18/2005SLUTannehillDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/18/2005SLUGoslinTraded awayBOL After
5/18/2005SLUMcMichaelTraded awayBOL After
5/18/2005SLUMinosoAcquired via tradeBOL After
5/18/2005SLUReed,RoAcquired via tradeBOL After
5/18/2005TGUChibaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/18/2005TGUChibaPromoted to active roster  Before
5/18/2005TGUKaritaPromoted to active roster  Before
5/18/2005TGUWakabayashiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/19/2005CSUAguirrePromoted to active roster  Before
5/19/2005CSURectorPlaced on disabled list 5/16/2005Before
5/19/2005RCUChapman,BSigned  Before
5/19/2005RCUHoward,FReleased  Before
5/19/2005TGUKaritaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/19/2005TGUMurataReleased  Before
5/19/2005TGUNomura,TSigned  Before
5/19/2005TGUNomura,TPromoted to active roster  Before
5/22/2005CSUHerman,BaAcquired via tradeSFU After
5/22/2005CSURootTraded awaySFU After
5/22/2005NEUGrantAcquired via tradeSLU After
5/22/2005NEUJohnson,BTraded awaySLU After
5/22/2005SFUHerman,BaTraded awayCSU After
5/22/2005SFURootAcquired via tradeCSU After
5/22/2005SLUBartellDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/22/2005SLUBell,BPromoted to active roster  Before
5/22/2005SLUGrantDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/22/2005SLUKuennDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/22/2005SLUMcCarverDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/22/2005SLUMcNallyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/22/2005SLUMesa,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/22/2005SLUMinosoPromoted to active roster  Before
5/22/2005SLUReed,RoPromoted to active roster  Before
5/22/2005SLURunnelsPromoted to active roster  Before
5/22/2005SLUShockerPromoted to active roster  Before
5/22/2005SLUSimmons,TPromoted to active roster  Before
5/22/2005SLUGrantTraded awayNEU After
5/22/2005SLUJohnson,BAcquired via tradeNEU After
5/23/2005CSUAbernathyPromoted to active roster  Before
5/23/2005CSUBottomleyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/23/2005CSUDorganPromoted to active roster  Before
5/23/2005CSUHerman,BaPromoted to active roster  Before
5/23/2005CSUKiyoharaReleased  Before
5/23/2005CSUMaloneySigned  Before
5/23/2005CSURussell,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/23/2005NEUWalker,BigDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/23/2005SFUHigueraDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/23/2005SFUManning,MActivated from disabled list  Before
5/23/2005SFUManning,MDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/23/2005SLUBartellReleased  Before
5/23/2005SLURaySigned  Before
5/26/2005CSUClarkeAcquired via tradeSLU After
5/26/2005CSUCollins,JTraded awaySLU After
5/26/2005CSUFaceAcquired via tradeSLU After
5/26/2005CSUHasegawaTraded awaySLL After
5/26/2005CSUHerman,BiTraded awaySLU After
5/26/2005CSUMadlockAcquired via tradeSLU After
5/26/2005CSUMesa,JAcquired via tradeSLU After
5/26/2005CSUMossiTraded awaySLU After
5/26/2005CSURussell,JTraded awaySLU After
5/26/2005CSUSullivanAcquired via tradeSLL After
5/26/2005CSUTenaceAcquired via tradeSLL After
5/26/2005SLUBell,BDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/26/2005SLUClarkeDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/26/2005SLUJohnson,BPromoted to active roster  Before
5/26/2005SLURayPromoted to active roster  Before
5/26/2005SLUClarkeTraded awayCSU After
5/26/2005SLUCollins,JAcquired via tradeCSU After
5/26/2005SLUFaceTraded awayCSU After
5/26/2005SLUHerman,BiAcquired via tradeCSU After
5/26/2005SLUMadlockTraded awayCSU After
5/26/2005SLUMesa,JTraded awayCSU After
5/26/2005SLUMossiAcquired via tradeCSU After
5/26/2005SLURussell,JAcquired via tradeCSU After
5/26/2005TGUKizukaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/26/2005TGUKizukaPromoted to active roster  Before
5/26/2005TGUNoguchiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/26/2005TGUWakabayashiPromoted to active roster  Before
5/26/2005TGUYoshidaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/26/2005TGUYoshidaPromoted to active roster  Before
5/27/2005CSUAbernathyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/27/2005CSUClarkeDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/27/2005CSUClarkePromoted to active roster  Before
5/27/2005CSUFacePromoted to active roster  Before
5/27/2005CSUHinesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/27/2005CSUJenkins,FaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/27/2005CSUJenkins,FaPromoted to active roster  Before
5/27/2005CSULopez,JReleased  Before
5/27/2005CSUMadlockPromoted to active roster  Before
5/27/2005CSUMesa,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/27/2005CSUMesa,JPromoted to active roster  Before
5/27/2005CSUSullivanPromoted to active roster  Before
5/27/2005RCUMarberryReleased  Before
5/27/2005RCUSalmon,BSigned  Before
5/27/2005RCUTiant JrDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/27/2005SLUKuennReleased  Before
5/27/2005SLUParkerSigned  Before
5/27/2005TGUNoguchiPromoted to active roster  Before
5/27/2005TGUWakabayashiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/30/2005DTUThompson,SAcquired via tradeCCL After
5/30/2005DTUYountTraded awayCCL After
5/31/2005CSUBottomleyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/31/2005CSUBottomleyPromoted to active roster  Before
5/31/2005CSUClarkeDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/31/2005CSUDorganDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/31/2005CSUFacePromoted to active roster  Before
5/31/2005CSUHinesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/31/2005CSUHinesPromoted to active roster  Before
5/31/2005CSUJenkins,FaPromoted to active roster  Before
5/31/2005CSUMadlockDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/31/2005CSUMadlockPromoted to active roster  Before
5/31/2005CSUMesa,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/31/2005CSURectorActivated from disabled list  Before
5/31/2005NYUOtisDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/31/2005NYUPinsonPromoted to active roster  Before
5/31/2005NYUPlankDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/31/2005NYUSutton,DPromoted to active roster  Before
5/31/2005SFUManning,MPromoted to active roster  Before
5/31/2005SFURootPlaced on disabled list 5/28/2005Before
5/31/2005TGUKanedaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/31/2005TGUWakabayashiPromoted to active roster  Before
5/31/2005WNUDrake, PDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/31/2005WNUWhitneyActivated from disabled list  Before
6/3/2005RCULoganDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/3/2005RCULoganPromoted to active roster  Before
6/3/2005RCUMaranvilleDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/3/2005RCUMaranvillePromoted to active roster  Before
6/3/2005SLUAlou,FDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/3/2005SLUBoyer,KDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/3/2005SLUCollins,JPromoted to active roster  Before
6/3/2005SLULemon,BPlaced on disabled list 5/26/2005Before
6/3/2005SLUMcNallyPromoted to active roster  Before
6/3/2005SLUMossiPromoted to active roster  Before
6/3/2005SLUOlsonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/3/2005SLUParkerPromoted to active roster  Before
6/3/2005SLURussell,JPromoted to active roster  Before
6/3/2005SLUShockerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/3/2005TGUKoyamaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/3/2005TGUYonedaPromoted to active roster  Before
6/4/2005CSUBucknerSigned  Before
6/4/2005CSUFlickDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/4/2005CSUMaloneyReleased  Before
6/4/2005RCUChapman,BDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/4/2005RCUDuffyPromoted to active roster  Before
6/4/2005RCUMorrillPromoted to active roster  Before
6/4/2005RCUYork,RDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/4/2005TGUKanedaPromoted to active roster  Before
6/4/2005TGUSugishitaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/5/2005SFULuquePromoted to active roster  Before
6/5/2005SFUManning,MDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/7/2005CSUAlou,FAcquired via tradeSLU After
6/7/2005CSUDandridgeAcquired via tradeCCL After
6/7/2005CSUFlickTraded awayCCL After
6/7/2005CSUFoster,GTraded awaySLU After
6/7/2005CSUIrvinTraded awaySLU After
6/7/2005CSUMitchellAcquired via tradeCCL After
6/7/2005CSURosenTraded awayCCL After
6/7/2005CSUTannehillAcquired via tradeSLU After
6/7/2005RCUChapman,BPromoted to active roster  Before
6/7/2005RCURice,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/7/2005SLUBarnes,JPromoted to active roster  Before
6/7/2005SLUHerman,BiPromoted to active roster  Before
6/7/2005SLUKluszewskiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/7/2005SLUMcNallyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/7/2005SLUPerry,GDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/7/2005SLURayDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/7/2005SLUShockerPromoted to active roster  Before
6/7/2005SLUTannehillPromoted to active roster  Before
6/7/2005SLUAlou,FTraded awayCSU After
6/7/2005SLUFoster,GAcquired via tradeCSU After
6/7/2005SLUIrvinAcquired via tradeCSU After
6/7/2005SLUSewell,JAcquired via tradeCCL After
6/7/2005SLUShockerTraded awayCCL After
6/7/2005SLUTannehillTraded awayCSU After
6/7/2005TGUFukumotoPromoted to active roster  Before
6/7/2005TGUYamamoto, KDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/8/2005CSUAlou,FPromoted to active roster  Before
6/8/2005CSUFujimuraDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/8/2005CSUFujimuraPromoted to active roster  Before
6/8/2005CSUMadlockDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/8/2005CSUMitchellDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/8/2005CSUMitchellPromoted to active roster  Before
6/8/2005CSUWillsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/8/2005DTUBenderDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/8/2005DTUCarltonPromoted to active roster  Before
6/8/2005DTUMcDowell,SPromoted to active roster  Before
6/8/2005DTUTroutDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/8/2005SLUBoyer,KPromoted to active roster  Before
6/8/2005TGUNoguchiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/8/2005TGUSugishitaPromoted to active roster  Before
6/11/2005DTUFreehanAcquired via tradeSLU After
6/11/2005DTUHoward,ETraded awaySLU After
6/11/2005DTUHubbellAcquired via tradeSLU After
6/11/2005DTULaryTraded awaySLU After
6/11/2005DTUMcCoveyTraded awaySLU After
6/11/2005DTUMurrayAcquired via tradeSLU After
6/11/2005DTUSmith,DAcquired via tradeSLU After
6/11/2005DTUSmith.LeTraded awaySLU After
6/11/2005KCUReed,RoAcquired via tradeSLU After
6/11/2005KCUSmith,DTraded awaySLU After
6/11/2005KCUTrucksTraded awaySLU After
6/11/2005SLUBoyer,KDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/11/2005SLUMatsui,KDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/11/2005SLUMcNallyPromoted to active roster  Before
6/11/2005SLUPerry,GPromoted to active roster  Before
6/11/2005SLUBarnes,JTraded awayBOL After
6/11/2005SLUFreehanTraded awayDTU After
6/11/2005SLUHoward,EAcquired via tradeDTU After
6/11/2005SLUHubbellTraded awayDTU After
6/11/2005SLULaryAcquired via tradeDTU After
6/11/2005SLUMcCoveyAcquired via tradeDTU After
6/11/2005SLUMizellAcquired via tradeBOL After
6/11/2005SLUMurrayTraded awayDTU After
6/11/2005SLUPerry,AAcquired via tradePPL After
6/11/2005SLUPerry,GTraded awayPPL After
6/11/2005SLUReed,RoTraded awayKCU After
6/11/2005SLUShantzAcquired via tradePPL After
6/11/2005SLUSmith,DTraded awayDTU After
6/11/2005SLUSmith,DAcquired via tradeKCU After
6/11/2005SLUSmith.LeAcquired via tradeDTU After
6/11/2005SLUTrucksAcquired via tradeKCU After
6/11/2005TGUNoguchiPromoted to active roster  Before
6/11/2005TGUWakabayashiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/12/2005CSUAlou,FDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/12/2005CSUTenacePromoted to active roster  Before
6/12/2005DTUBenderDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/12/2005DTUGoodenPromoted to active roster  Before
6/12/2005DTUKalineDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/12/2005DTUSmith,DDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/12/2005DTUSmith,DPromoted to active roster  Before
6/12/2005DTUThompson,SPromoted to active roster  Before
6/12/2005DTUTroutDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/12/2005KCULaMarqueSigned  Before
6/12/2005NEUCrawford, SActivated from disabled list  Before
6/12/2005NEUCrawford, SDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/12/2005RCULoganPromoted to active roster  Before
6/12/2005RCUMaranvilleDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/12/2005RCUMorrillDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/12/2005RCUYork,RPromoted to active roster  Before
6/12/2005SLUBell,BReleased  Before
6/12/2005SLUBell,BPromoted to active roster  Before
6/12/2005SLURayReleased  Before
6/12/2005SLUSmith.LePromoted to active roster  Before
6/12/2005TGUNoguchiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/12/2005TGUNoguchiPromoted to active roster  Before
6/12/2005TGUWakabayashiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/12/2005TGUWakabayashiPromoted to active roster  Before
6/13/2005SFUBailey,EDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/13/2005SFULuqueDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/13/2005SFUOmsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/13/2005SFUPetwayPromoted to active roster  Before
6/13/2005SFURootActivated from disabled list  Before
6/13/2005SFUYoungsPromoted to active roster  Before
6/15/2005RCUCooper,WaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/15/2005RCURice,JPromoted to active roster  Before
6/15/2005SLUBoyer,KPromoted to active roster  Before
6/15/2005SLUCollins,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/15/2005SLUOlsonPromoted to active roster  Before
6/15/2005SLUPerry,APromoted to active roster  Before
6/15/2005SLURussell,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/15/2005SLUWilliams,BeDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/15/2005SLUBankheadAcquired via tradeCCL After
6/15/2005SLUMatsui,KTraded awayCCL After
6/15/2005SLURussell,JTraded awayCCL After
6/15/2005SLUTrentAcquired via tradeCCL After
6/16/2005CSUAlou,FPromoted to active roster  Before
6/16/2005CSUTenaceDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/16/2005RCUMorrillPromoted to active roster  Before
6/16/2005RCUYork,RDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/16/2005SLUDavis,SSigned  Before
6/16/2005SLUMcCarverReleased  Before
6/16/2005TGUKizukaPromoted to active roster  Before
6/16/2005TGUNoguchiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/16/2005TGUWakabayashiPromoted to active roster  Before
6/16/2005TGUYoshidaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/19/2005RCUSalmon,BDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/19/2005RCUTiant JrPromoted to active roster  Before
6/19/2005SFUAdcockPromoted to active roster  Before
6/19/2005SFUMurayamaPlaced on disabled list 6/18/2005Before
6/20/2005RCUDuffyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/20/2005RCUManushPromoted to active roster  Before
6/20/2005RCUMorrillDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/20/2005RCUYork,RPromoted to active roster  Before
6/20/2005SLUBankheadPromoted to active roster  Before
6/20/2005SLULemon,BActivated from disabled list  Before
6/20/2005SLULemon,BDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/20/2005SLUMcNallyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/20/2005SLUMinosoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/20/2005SLUMizellPromoted to active roster  Before
6/20/2005SLUShantzDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/20/2005SLUTrentPromoted to active roster  Before
6/20/2005TGUKanedaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/20/2005TGUNoguchiPromoted to active roster  Before
6/20/2005WNURowePromoted to active roster  Before
6/20/2005WNURushPromoted to active roster  Before
6/20/2005WNUSotokobaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/20/2005WNUWynn,EDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/23/2005BWUDavis,RDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/23/2005BWUGomezDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/23/2005BWUJusticeDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/23/2005BWUPafkoPromoted to active roster  Before
6/23/2005BWUReussPromoted to active roster  Before
6/23/2005BWUSugiuraPromoted to active roster  Before
6/23/2005CSUAbernathyTraded awayKCU After
6/23/2005CSUAlou,FTraded awayKCU After
6/23/2005CSUBell,WAcquired via tradeSLL After
6/23/2005CSUBiggioAcquired via tradeKCU After
6/23/2005CSUBrewer,CAcquired via tradeKCU After
6/23/2005CSUCepeda,OAcquired via tradeKCU After
6/23/2005CSUClarkeTraded awayKCU After
6/23/2005CSUHernandez,RTraded awaySLL After
6/23/2005CSUHinesTraded awayKCU After
6/23/2005CSULajoieTraded awayKCU After
6/23/2005CSURobinson,JAcquired via tradeKCU After
6/23/2005CSUYastrzemskiAcquired via tradeKCU After
6/23/2005KCUAbernathyAcquired via tradeCSU After
6/23/2005KCUAlou,FAcquired via tradeCSU After
6/23/2005KCUBiggioTraded awayCSU After
6/23/2005KCUBrewer,CTraded awayCSU After
6/23/2005KCUCepeda,OTraded awayCSU After
6/23/2005KCUClarkeAcquired via tradeCSU After
6/23/2005KCUHinesAcquired via tradeCSU After
6/23/2005KCULajoieAcquired via tradeCSU After
6/23/2005KCURobinson,JTraded awayCSU After
6/23/2005KCUYastrzemskiTraded awayCSU After
6/23/2005SLULemon,BTraded awayWNU After
6/23/2005SLUWynn,EAcquired via tradeWNU After
6/23/2005TGUKanedaPromoted to active roster  Before
6/23/2005TGUWakabayashiPlaced on disabled list 6/22/2005Before
6/23/2005WNULemon,BAcquired via tradeSLU After
6/23/2005WNUWynn,ETraded awaySLU After
6/24/2005CSUAguirreDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/24/2005CSUBell,WPromoted to active roster  Before
6/24/2005CSUBiggioDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/24/2005CSUBucknerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/24/2005CSUCepeda,OPromoted to active roster  Before
6/24/2005KCUAlou,FDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/24/2005KCUBenzPromoted to active roster  Before
6/24/2005KCUClarkePromoted to active roster  Before
6/24/2005KCUHinesPromoted to active roster  Before
6/24/2005NEUHensleyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/24/2005NEUMcDuffiePromoted to active roster  Before
6/24/2005RCUDuffyPromoted to active roster  Before
6/24/2005RCUManushDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/24/2005RCUMorrillPromoted to active roster  Before
6/24/2005RCURice,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/24/2005RCUVeachPromoted to active roster  Before
6/24/2005RCUYork,RDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/26/2005BWUMaddoxPromoted to active roster  Before
6/26/2005BWURoushDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/26/2005RCUChapman,BDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/26/2005RCULoganDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/26/2005RCUMaranvillePromoted to active roster  Before
6/26/2005RCUPizarroDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/26/2005RCURice,JPromoted to active roster  Before
6/26/2005RCUTudorPromoted to active roster  Before
6/26/2005SLUBoyer,KDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/26/2005SLUCollins,JPromoted to active roster  Before
6/26/2005SLUHoltzmanDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/26/2005SLUHoltzmanPromoted to active roster  Before
6/26/2005SLUIrvinDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/26/2005SLUIrvinPromoted to active roster  Before
6/26/2005SLULaryDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/26/2005SLUMizellDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/26/2005SLUMizellPromoted to active roster  Before
6/26/2005SLUMizellDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/26/2005SLUMizellPromoted to active roster  Before
6/26/2005SLURaffensbergerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/26/2005SLURaffensbergerPromoted to active roster  Before
6/26/2005SLURunnelsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/26/2005SLUWilliams,BePromoted to active roster  Before
6/26/2005SLUWynn,EDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/26/2005SLUWynn,EPromoted to active roster  Before
6/26/2005SLUWynn,EPromoted to active roster  Before
6/26/2005TGUGoPromoted to active roster  Before
6/26/2005TGUKaritaPromoted to active roster  Before
6/26/2005TGUNakaoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/26/2005TGUNoguchiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/26/2005TGUSuzuki,KDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/26/2005TGUTamiyaPromoted to active roster  Before
6/28/2005RCUJensenSigned  Before
6/28/2005RCUKammReleased  Before
6/28/2005RCUVeachDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/28/2005SFUGalarragaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/28/2005SFUMurayamaActivated from disabled list  Before
6/28/2005TGUKaritaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/28/2005TGUNakajimaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/28/2005TGUNakaoPromoted to active roster  Before
6/28/2005TGUNoguchiPromoted to active roster  Before
6/28/2005TGUSugishitaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/28/2005TGUSuzuki,KPromoted to active roster  Before
7/1/2005RCUElliottDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/1/2005RCUManushPromoted to active roster  Before
7/1/2005SLUDavis,SPromoted to active roster  Before
7/1/2005SLUDerringerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/1/2005SLUHoward,EDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/1/2005SLUKluszewskiPromoted to active roster  Before
7/1/2005SLULaryPromoted to active roster  Before
7/1/2005SLUMcCoveyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/1/2005SLUMcNallyPromoted to active roster  Before
7/1/2005SLURommelDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/1/2005SLUShantzPromoted to active roster  Before
7/1/2005SLUTrucksDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/1/2005TGUYamadaPromoted to active roster  Before
7/1/2005TGUYonedaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/2/2005CSUAguirrePromoted to active roster  Before
7/2/2005CSUBell,WDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/2/2005RCUMorrillDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/2/2005RCUYork,RPromoted to active roster  Before
7/2/2005SLUBartellSigned  Before
7/2/2005SLUBoyer,KReleased  Before
7/2/2005TGUNakaoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/2/2005TGUSugishitaPromoted to active roster  Before
7/5/2005BWUGomezPromoted to active roster  Before
7/5/2005BWUSugiuraDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/5/2005BWUToyodaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/5/2005BWUWells,BPromoted to active roster  Before
7/5/2005RCUHoward,EAcquired via tradeSLU After
7/5/2005RCUManushTraded awaySLU After
7/5/2005RCURunnelsAcquired via tradeSLU After
7/5/2005RCUYork,RTraded awaySLU After
7/5/2005SLUBankheadDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/5/2005SLUBartellPromoted to active roster  Before
7/5/2005SLUDerringerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/5/2005SLUDerringerPromoted to active roster  Before
7/5/2005SLUHoltzmanDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/5/2005SLUHoltzmanPromoted to active roster  Before
7/5/2005SLUIrvinPromoted to active roster  Before
7/5/2005SLUJohnson,BDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/5/2005SLUKluszewskiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/5/2005SLUMcCoveyPromoted to active roster  Before
7/5/2005SLUMcNallyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/5/2005SLUOlsonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/5/2005SLURommelPromoted to active roster  Before
7/5/2005SLURunnelsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/5/2005SLURunnelsPromoted to active roster  Before
7/5/2005SLUTrucksPromoted to active roster  Before
7/5/2005SLUWynn,EDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/5/2005SLUWynn,EPromoted to active roster  Before
7/5/2005SLUHoward,ETraded awayRCU After
7/5/2005SLUManushAcquired via tradeRCU After
7/5/2005SLURunnelsTraded awayRCU After
7/5/2005SLUYork,RAcquired via tradeRCU After
7/6/2005RCUHoward,EPromoted to active roster  Before
7/6/2005RCUPattinReleased  Before
7/6/2005RCURunnelsPromoted to active roster  Before
7/6/2005RCUWakefieldSigned  Before
7/6/2005SLUManushDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/6/2005SLUYork,RDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/6/2005TGUNakaoPromoted to active roster  Before
7/6/2005TGUNoguchiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/8/2005RCUPizarroPromoted to active roster  Before
7/8/2005RCURuelDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/8/2005RCUTudorDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/8/2005RCUWakefieldPromoted to active roster  Before
7/8/2005TGUGoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/8/2005TGUKaritaPromoted to active roster  Before
7/8/2005TGUSaitoPromoted to active roster  Before
7/8/2005TGUSuzuki,KPlaced on disabled list 7/4/2005Before
7/10/2005RCUPizarroDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/10/2005RCUScott,GSigned  Before
7/10/2005RCUVeachReleased  Before
7/10/2005SLUCollins,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/10/2005SLUDerringerPromoted to active roster  Before
7/10/2005SLUFoster,GPromoted to active roster  Before
7/10/2005SLUJohnson,BDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/10/2005SLUJohnson,BPromoted to active roster  Before
7/10/2005SLUKluszewskiPromoted to active roster  Before
7/10/2005SLULaryDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/10/2005SLUMcNallyPromoted to active roster  Before
7/10/2005SLUOlsonPromoted to active roster  Before
7/10/2005SLUPerry,ADemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/10/2005SLUTrucksDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/10/2005SLUWynn,EDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/10/2005TGUNoguchiPromoted to active roster  Before
7/10/2005TGUSaitoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/10/2005TGUWakabayashiActivated from disabled list  Before
7/10/2005WNUAdamsPlaced on disabled list 7/9/2005Before
7/10/2005WNULemon,BPromoted to active roster  Before
7/14/2005CSUCooper,CSigned  Before
7/14/2005CSUDorganReleased  Before
7/14/2005RCUBarrettSigned  Before
7/14/2005RCUDuffyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/14/2005RCURuelReleased  Before
7/14/2005SLUAvilaSigned  Before
7/14/2005SLUCollins,JPromoted to active roster  Before
7/14/2005SLUFoster,GDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/14/2005SLUHerman,BiReleased  Before
7/14/2005SLUIrvinDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/14/2005SLUJohnson,BPromoted to active roster  Before
7/14/2005SLUKluszewskiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/14/2005SLULaryPromoted to active roster  Before
7/14/2005SLUMcNallyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/14/2005SLUMizellDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/14/2005SLUOlsonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/14/2005SLUTrucksPromoted to active roster  Before
7/14/2005SLUWynn,EPromoted to active roster  Before
7/14/2005SLUYork,RPromoted to active roster  Before
7/14/2005TGUKanedaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/18/2005CSUCooper,CPromoted to active roster  Before
7/18/2005CSUFujimuraDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/18/2005CSUBell,WTraded awayKCU After
7/18/2005CSUFujimuraTraded awaySLL After
7/18/2005CSUHahnTraded awayKCU After
7/18/2005CSUHasegawaAcquired via tradeSLL After
7/18/2005CSUMesa,JTraded awayKCU After
7/18/2005CSUReed,RoAcquired via tradeKCU After
7/18/2005CSUStanley,BAcquired via tradeKCU After
7/18/2005CSUWiltseAcquired via tradeKCU After
7/18/2005KCUAbernathyReleased  Before
7/18/2005KCUSalleeSigned  Before
7/18/2005KCUBell,WAcquired via tradeCSU After
7/18/2005KCUDihigoAcquired via tradeCCL After
7/18/2005KCUHahnAcquired via tradeCSU After
7/18/2005KCULajoieTraded awayCCL After
7/18/2005KCUMesa,JAcquired via tradeCSU After
7/18/2005KCUReed,RoTraded awayCSU After
7/18/2005KCUStanley,BTraded awayCSU After
7/18/2005KCUWiltseTraded awayCSU After
7/18/2005RCUChapman,BPromoted to active roster  Before
7/18/2005RCUCicotteDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/18/2005RCUDuffyReleased  Before
7/18/2005RCUFreemanSigned  Before
7/18/2005RCUGoodmanPromoted to active roster  Before
7/18/2005RCULynnDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/18/2005RCULynnPromoted to active roster  Before
7/18/2005RCURice,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/18/2005RCUWood,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/18/2005SFUBrown,WAcquired via tradeCCL After
7/18/2005SFUJenningsTraded awayCCL After
7/18/2005SFUOmsTraded awayCCL After
7/18/2005SFUPierceTraded awayPPL After
7/18/2005SFUPierceTraded awayPPL After
7/18/2005SFUPierceAcquired via tradePPL After
7/18/2005SFUWalshTraded awayPPL After
7/18/2005SFUWalshAcquired via tradePPL After
7/18/2005SFUWalshAcquired via tradePPL After
7/18/2005SFUWilliams,SJTraded awayPPL After
7/18/2005SFUWilliams,SJTraded awayPPL After
7/18/2005SFUWilliams,SJAcquired via tradePPL After
7/18/2005SFUWood,WTraded awayPPL After
7/18/2005SFUWood,WAcquired via tradePPL After
7/18/2005SFUWood,WAcquired via tradePPL After
7/18/2005SFUYountAcquired via tradeCCL After
7/18/2005SLUAvilaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/18/2005SLUAvilaPromoted to active roster  Before
7/18/2005SLUBankheadPromoted to active roster  Before
7/18/2005SLUDerringerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/18/2005SLUGriffithDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/18/2005SLUKluszewskiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/18/2005SLUKluszewskiPromoted to active roster  Before
7/18/2005SLULaryDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/18/2005SLUMinosoPromoted to active roster  Before
7/18/2005SLUOlsonPromoted to active roster  Before
7/18/2005TGUGoPromoted to active roster  Before
7/18/2005TGUKanedaPromoted to active roster  Before
7/18/2005TGUKatoriPromoted to active roster  Before
7/18/2005TGUNoguchiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/18/2005TGUOnoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/18/2005TGUOnoPromoted to active roster  Before
7/18/2005TGUSugishitaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/18/2005TGUSugishitaPromoted to active roster  Before
7/18/2005TGUSugishitaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
7/18/2005TGUWakabayashiDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/2/2005BWUDavis,RPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005BWUFaberPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005BWUFregosiPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005BWUJohnson,ChapPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005BWUJusticePromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005BWURoushPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005BWUSugiuraPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005BWUTakagi,MPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005BWUToyodaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005BWUViolaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005CSUBell,WPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005CSUBiggioPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005CSUBottomleyReleased  Before
8/2/2005CSUBucknerReleased  Before
8/2/2005CSUBucknerPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005CSUDrabekSigned  Before
8/2/2005CSUDuffySigned  Before
8/2/2005CSUDuffyPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005CSUFujimuraPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005CSUMadlockPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005CSUMesa,JPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005CSUMitchellPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005CSUTenacePromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005CSUWillsPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005DTUBellePromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005DTUBenderPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005DTUBlue,VPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005DTUCarltonPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005DTUColavitoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005DTUHortonPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005DTUKalinePromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005DTUMcDowell,SPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005DTUThigpenPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005DTUTroutPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005KCUAllisonPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005KCUAlou,FPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005KCUBandoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005KCUDeCincesPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005KCUEvans,DwPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005KCUKobayashiPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005KCUMeyersPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005KCUSalleePromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005KCUStone,GPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005KCUWiltsePromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005NEUCrawford, SPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005NEUDobsonPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005NEUDuncan, FPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005NEUEnomotoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005NEUGrantPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005NEUHensleyPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005NEUNomura,KePromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005NEUO'DellPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005NEURedus, F.Promoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005NEUWalker,BigPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005NYUGrimesPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005NYUMazeroskiPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005NYUMullinPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005NYUPena,TPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005NYUPinsonPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005NYUReynolds,APromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005NYUStottlemyre,MPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005NYUSutton,DPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005NYUTrammellPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005NYUWhite,SPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005RCUChapman,BReleased  Before
8/2/2005RCUChapman,BDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/2/2005RCUChapman,BPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005RCUCicottePromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005RCUCooper,WaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005RCUElliottPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005RCUGoodmanDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/2/2005RCUGoodmanPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005RCULoganPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005RCUMorrillPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005RCUNeagleSigned  Before
8/2/2005RCUNeaglePromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005RCUPizarroPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005RCURice,JPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005RCUSalmon,BReleased  Before
8/2/2005RCUSchaferSigned  Before
8/2/2005RCUTudorPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005RCUWood,JPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005SFUAlou,MoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005SFUBailey,EPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005SFUFranco,JuPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005SFUGalarragaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005SFUGrohPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005SFUHigueraPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005SFUKnoblauchPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005SFULuquePromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005SFUManning,MPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005SFUOmsPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005SLUDerringerPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005SLUFoster,GPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005SLUGriffithPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005SLUIrvinPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005SLUKluszewskiPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005SLULaryPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005SLUManushPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005SLUMcNallyPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005SLUMizellReleased  Before
8/2/2005SLUPerry,APromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005SLURichardSigned  Before
8/2/2005SLURichardPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005TGUGoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/2/2005TGUGoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005TGUKatoriDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/2/2005TGUKatoriPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005TGUKoyamaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005TGUNakajimaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005TGUNoguchiPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005TGUOnoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/2/2005TGUOnoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005TGUSaitoPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005TGUSugishitaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005TGUSuzuki,KActivated from disabled list  Before
8/2/2005TGUWakabayashiPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005TGUYamamoto, KPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005TGUYonedaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005TGUYoshidaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005WNUAdamsActivated from disabled list  Before
8/2/2005WNUAdamsActivated from disabled list  Before
8/2/2005WNUCartyPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005WNUDoylePromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005WNUDrake, PPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005WNUFasseroPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005WNUJones,TPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005WNUO'DoulPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005WNURhodesPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005WNURose,BPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005WNUSotokobaPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005WSUBrockPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005WSUDonlinPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005WSUFainPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005WSUFoxPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005WSULopez,APromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005WSUMesa,PPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005WSUPetersPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005WSURoePromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005WSUSchalkPromoted to active roster  Before
8/2/2005WSUWeaverPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2005WNUAdamsActivated from disabled list  Before
9/7/2005WNUCartyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/7/2005WNUJones,TDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/7/2005WNUMageeDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/7/2005WNUMageePromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2005WNUO'DoulDemoted to reserve roster  Before
9/7/2005WNUO'DoulPromoted to active roster  Before
9/7/2005WNUSotokobaDemoted to reserve roster  Before